How Much Is Hillary Clinton Actual Net Worth?


Hillary Clinton is an American politician with a net worth of $32 million average. However, Wealth-X estimates that Hillary has a net worth of $18 million-$20 million in the start of 2019. Her full name is Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. She is also a diplomat, lawyer, public speaker, and writer. Hillary was born on October 26, 1947.

She was the first lady of the united states of America from 1993-2001. Hillary was also a US senator from 2001-2009. Afterward, she worked as the 67th United States secretary from 2009 until 2013. She married to Bill Clinton, who was serving as president of the USA from 1993 to 2001. Before entering politics, Hillary Clinton’s net worth was not enough to be even mentioned.

Clinton Family Net Worth

The Clintons were $16 million in debt when they left the white house in 2001. However, the couple managed to turn things around in the past 15 years. Bill Clinton earned millions by writing books, consulting work, and delivering public speeches. And now, his net worth is a high amount of $75 million!

Hillary and Bill Clinton net worth is $240 million collectively, in 2019, according to Forbes. Bill raked in $189 million out of the collective $240 million leaving $51 million to Hillary.

They have a 39 years old daughter named Chelsea Clinton, who is an author and a global health advocate. She has a net worth of $15 million.

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Net Wealth Source

The Clintons own a non-profit organization called the “Clinton Foundation.” Its purpose is humanitarian, and it has raised billions of dollars from donations. The Clinton Foundation has a net worth of $142.8 million.

Hillary has written many books in her life, but one book stands above all. In 2016, she published a biography called “the other woman: a political memoir.” The book depicts a picture of her life throughout. Her transition from being a naive young girl to a strong independent woman entering the world of politics is terrific.

Hillary Clinton Biography

Hillary was just an ordinary girl born at Edgewater Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. She loved only one man truly all her life, Bill Clinton. They met at Yale law school in 1971 and immediately fell in love. There wedding was held on October 11, 1975, to present. Both of them had an interest in politics which later on changed their whole lives. In 1993, Bill became the 42nd president of America making Hillary the first lady.

Simon & Schuster published a memoir called “hard choices” about Hillary Clinton in 2014. It explained the life of Hillary from 2009-2013. She had to make some difficult choices during that period. Barack Obama won the presidential campaign, bringing defeat to the former first lady. The book favors the decisions made by Obama’s administration.

Elizabeth Warren is an American politician and a senior United States Senator. The public often compares her with Hillary Clinton. People believe that Clinton is just a shadow of Warren. Elizabeth Warren will be a presidential candidate in 2020 elections.

Hillary is a feminist because she does not remain quiet when it comes to women rights. She recently joined New York governor Andrew Cuomo to demand decriminalization of abortion rights.

In the 2020 election poll, Hillary is not doing so well. Male candidates like Bernie Sanders are preferred over women.

Hillary has a very prominent follow base in her profiles on social media sites like Twitter. Hillary retreated to Youtube to promote her presidential campaign of 2016. Her videos have millions of views.

Hillary Clinton and Beyonce flew to India to attend the billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s daughters’ wedding. Michelle Obama is a big supporter of the former senator and showed support to Hillary in one of her 2016 campaigns. She also has support from many other strong women.

Hillary Clinton Bad Moments

Hillary and trump were never on good terms. The latest news of their feud is about the accusations trump made about Hillary. He stated that Hillary cheated and increased her votes from 2.6 million to 16 million. Hillary was quick to deny the allegation.

The former first lady has been involved in many controversies like the ”Uranium One Controversy.” Another time, Clinton was seen acting weird, and the public was quick to believe that she has serious health issues. Hillary was in serious trouble when FBI investigated her personal and illegal email id making the topic a front runner on Forbes. Later, WikiLeaks revealed 30,000 emails sent by Hillary during her Senate days. A company called “team windy” hosted Hillary Clinton and received significant backlash. Anthony Bourdain is a chef, but he does not hold back on spewing hate on the Clintons.

She delivered a famous speech during high-school called Yale Law School, 1969. People often compare that speech to the addresses now. She also has a renowned interview at Watergate where she got fired. She also mocked Donald trump in fire and fury at the Grammy awards, and the public was quick to criticize. Hillary and Vladimir Putin do not get along well. Clinton called the Russian president a world-class misogynist. Many people don’t like her. #hillaryforprisonwas trending on twitter once. Her rival politicians never stop insisting for her to rot in jail.

After all the defeat she has faced in life, Hillary still does not give up. She is still hoping to succeed in the 2020 American elections.

Hillary Clinton History

Hillary Clinton always had an interest in politics. She was a bright student and graduated from Wellesley College. From the beginning of her career, she faced many challenges. Her husband cheated on her many times. She took part in many campaigns throughout her life. She has written many books. Hillary Clintion has the dream of being the first-ever female president of The United States. She lost in the 2016 presidential campaign to Donald Trump. She still has not given up as we will see her soon enough in the 2020 presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton Net Worth Year Wise

YearNet Worth
2018$32 Million
2017$28 Million
2016$25 Million
2015$21 Million


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