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At the start of 2019 Net Worth of Chris Adler is $2 Million. Chris Adler is an American drummer, who born November 23, 1972, in Washington, D.C. He is a former member and founder of the groove metal band Lamb of God since 1995 to 2019.  He was also a member of Megadeth from 2015 to 2016, and won a Grammy Award against the album “Dystopia.”  He is known for his heel-toe bass drum highly developed technique.

About Chris

In 2006 Chris started the project Blotted Science with the collaboration of revered progressive guitarist Ron Jarzombek. Adler worked with several local bands, including Jettison, Calibra, Charlie, and Grouser. Willie Adler is a younger brother of Chris Adler has been the guitarist for Lamb of God.

Chris Adler had a motorcycle accident since 2017, that is why he was not touring with Lamb of God.

He is also expert in a different style of music like as, Thrash metal and Progressive metal. He starts his career as a musician influenced by Stewart Copeland.

Chris Adler was engaged with Su Thongpan for a long time. He shared the memorable moments of his marriage proposal on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Chris Adler Instruments

Adler uses his signature snare, Mapex Saturn drums set, and Gibraltar Hardware. He also uses sometimes Trick Pedals and Meinl Cymbals, Evans Drumheads heads, promark signature drumsticks.

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Chris Adler Wealth Year Wise

YearNet Worth
2018$2 Million
2017$800 Thousand
2016$675 Thousand

Adler Family

Full Name: Christopher James Adler

Spouse: Julie Adler

Brother: Willie Adler

Nephew: Tres Willie Adler

Top Music by Chris

  • Lamb Of God Laid To Rest
  • Chris Adler The Near Dominance of 4 Against 5
  • Lamb Of God Ruin


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